The Valbella Project was born from the utopist project of Mr Healey to build a 100% sustainable and organic mega yacht in early 2004.

The result is not utopist but realistic, we made concessions to rules and state of the art constraints but its remains the greenest project even in its financial aspect.  After the incredible growth of yacht market in the last years, 131 feet long can considered as a small mega yacht but is gigantism sustainable ?

Since the presses releases, we were joigned by many prestigious yards for the private rear beach but we remain the only true kite towed ship capable of navigating only with its kite. The VPP's results lets us hope upwind angle performances at least as good as the prestigious Maltese Falcon's ones.

As Mr Healey, founded its yard in La Rochelle, the project slowly matured and is currently under approval at Bureau Veritas in order to be able to get the precious IOM flag


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Hydrodynamics by K-Epsilon