Sabrosa Class 40

Imaginated from long discussions with François Angoulvant and the will to offer a boat able to race both ashore and across the atlantic ocean, while providing some good comfort, the SABROSA class 40 was designed before the Class40 rule box appeared. The initial project was equipped with a canting keel and a central daggerboard, then it changed to a more simple boat for budget reasons. Now, the only remains of its original purpose is a  width less important than the boats specially designed for the 40' rules.


This ship is also part of a pedagogic project. Built in the ISMANS's engineer school, it represented a good opportunity for the the students to apply their knowledges in the fields of structural analysis, composite materials, process and project management.


The boat has now sailed 2 Route du Rhum, 1 Quebec St Malo and several coastal races. Also the boat is not as fast as the latest generation, the continous upgrade on the sailplan made by François and Delta Voiles, make the boat still competitive in the middle of the pack.


  • LOA: 12.19m
  • Beam: 4.18m
  • Weight: 4750Kg
  • Sail Area: 115


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